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Jason Adler and sons


The story of this campaign begins with my two boys: Isaac and Tobias. As parents we are always looking for ways to protect our kids, help them grow and make the world they inherit a better place than we found it.

I am concerned about the direction of this state and our country. Figures of great political and economic power are making decisions that are eating away at the greatest advent of America--the middle class. I fear a future in which only the powerful and powerless exist, where rights are determined by the size of one’s wallet and not by one’s citizenship.

To protect the interests of my children and yours, for our parents and our neighbors, I decided to run for office. I believe my values and moral compass are a match for the citizens of Clinton, Killingworth and Westbrook (the 35th house district). I promise to bring a tireless work ethic and responsiveness in my advocacy for the 35th.

My background has well prepared me for this role. As a school counselor, I help students search for career paths. I work with parents to make college more affordable. I mediate conflicts. I solve problems. As a union president, I pride myself on fierce advocacy while recognizing the need for fiscally responsible budgets which serve the interests of students, families, teachers and towns. As a father of children born with serious pre-existing conditions, I have already advocated in the halls of Hartford and worked with our representatives in Washington.

In short, I believe that I am well prepared to advocate for the needs of the 35th district. Over the past few months, I have brought my message of bipartisanship and commonsense solutions to thousands of doors. I will continue to do so until November 6. If you see me, please engage me with your ideas, hopes and concerns. Only working together can we help this wonderful state reach the potential we all know it has.

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